Rivne, Getman Mazepa st., 19
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The Rivne Chamber of Commerce and Industry – is one of the centres of business activity in the region, whose agricultural and industrial potential is well known in Ukraine and abroad. Working under the slogan “We look into the future with confidence and are open for business cooperation,” the Chamber actively participates in the implementation of regional programmes and has become a unique service centre for the promotion of goods and services of small and medium-sized businesses into new markets.

Stages of the formation of the Chamber are closely linked to the economic processes in Ukraine and the expansion of foreign economic relations. The acquired experience has become a certain foundation for increasing its authority and strengthening its positions, implementing practical measures for the development of entrepreneurship. Our member base has considerably grown: in 1996, it consisted of only 56 enterprises, today it has more than 150 business entities, ranging from small businesses to industrial production companies of regional and international significance. All of them, regardless of ownership and scale of production, are stable and reliable business partners whose quality of products and services is recognised by Ukrainian and foreign consumers.

Over the period of activity since 1996, the Rivne Chamber of Commerce and Industry has become an efficient and competent business partner for industrial enterprises, business structures and state institutions, has proven to be a skilful organiser of high-level business events, and has been focusing its efforts on creating a positive business image of Rivne region.

First of all, we are trying to combine the efforts of domestic producers who are ready to enter the international level. With the assistance of the Rivne Chamber of Commerce and Industry, it is much easier and safer to do so. After all, our cooperation with embassies and trade and economic missions of foreign countries in Ukraine, similar Ukrainian structures abroad, the dissemination of commercial information about the potential of local firms through the Internet gives them a good start abroad and protects against unpleasant surprises.

The Rivne Chamber of Commerce and Industry is always in constant search for ways of further development. Promoting cooperation with partner organisations in neighbouring countries is one of its priorities. At the moment, any interaction is aimed at deepening cooperative and production ties at the international level and opens up real opportunities for establishing direct business relations between business entities. Also, the Chamber is becoming a coordinating and integrating centre of entrepreneurship in the region, a champion of business interests, and a reliable partner of Ukrainian and foreign business circles.

Based on the experience of European countries, the Chamber’s employees are bringing Rivne region closer to a result, which our entrepreneurs undoubtedly deserve and which the world community has long awaited from us: to European standards in business, economy and everyday life.