Rivne, Getman Mazepa st., 19
(0362) 62-05-33, office@rcci.rivne.com

The membership means:

  • Experience of the best companies
  • Public position
  • Professionals support
  • Necessary communications
  • Consolidation of efforts

The CCI system in Ukraine is an influential, efficient and proactive organisation, with the most regional branches in Ukraine, a powerful network of partners abroad, which creates favourable conditions for increasing business competitiveness at the regional, national and international levels, and brings together over 8,000 members in 25 regions of the country.

The CCI system in Ukraine promotes values and fundamental principles that are the key to maintaining high ethical and business standards, as we strive to be a driving force of positive changes in the business environment and in Ukraine as a whole and are transforming creative ideas into results on a daily basis.

–We are the pledge of your success–

Principles for working with members

  • Focus on SMEs
  • Ensuring a public dialogue between business (in general) and government
  • Involving members in the CCI system’s committees
  • Separating work with members from services
  • Systematic communication with members
  • Consolidation of members’ opinions and standpoints
  • Automation of interaction between the Ukrainian CCI, regional CCIs and members

Membership advantages

  • Presentation and protection of interests of your business in Ukraine and abroad
  • Promotion of development of foreign economic relations of your business, export through the network of representative offices of the Chambers of Commerce and Industry abroad (35 countries)
  • B2G | B2B | B2U
  • Assistance in development of your business through the network of 25 regional CCIs
  • Participation in business events which are held by the UCCI (over 2,300 events per year)
  • Receipt of commercial proposals from foreign companies
  • Receipt of recommendation letters, which confirm membership in the Chamber for embassies and business partners abroad
  • Receipt of contact information of potential partners for your business
  • Representation of business’s interests in 25 regions of the country and abroad
  • PR- and EVENT-support of your business

How to become a member of the Chamber:

For acceptance into the Rivne Chamber of Commerce and Industry as a member it is necessary to contact us at the address:

Rivne, 19 Hetmana Mazepy Str. tel. +38 0362 26 38 66

and to submit a statement along with a copy of the document confirming state registration, filled out application of the established form and to pay the entrance and membership fees.

Legal entities, who have been formed and act according to the legislation of Ukraine, citizens of Ukraine, who are registered as entrepreneurs, and associations of entrepreneurs can become members of the Chamber.

Acceptance to the structure of Chamber members is carried out by the governing bodies of regional CCIs with further notification of the UCCI.

–Rights and obligations of the members of the chamber of commerce and industry–

Members of the Chamber have the right to:

  • Participate with a decisive vote in the work of general meeting (conference) of the regional chamber;
  • Elect delegates for the congress of the UCCI;
  • Elect and be elected to the governing bodies of the regional chamber and the Ukrainian Chamber of Commerce and Industry;
  • Submit for consideration of the general meeting (conference), Council (Presidium) of the regional chamber, and also congress, Council and Presidium of the Ukrainian Chamber of Commerce and Industry proposals on issues, which are included in the sphere of activity of the regional chamber and the UCCI, respectively;
  • Receive from the regional chamber and the UCCI assistance in solution of issues concerning their activity;
  • Use services of the regional chamber and the UCCI as a matter of priority and on preferential terms, which are defined by their governing bodies;

Members of the Chamber are obliged to:

  • Actively assist in the implementation of statute tasks and functions of the Chamber;
  • Timely pay entrance and membership fees;
  • Carry out their activity by principles of respect for the partner, integrity, not allow for instances of unfair competition.

Termination of membership in the Chamber

Termination of membership in the Chamber is carried out on the basis of a written statement to the regional CCI.

A Chamber member, who has not paid the membership fees throughout the year, can be excluded from the list of members of the Chamber.

In case of non-fulfilment by the Chamber member of obligations foreseen by the Chamber’s Statute, the decisions on exclusion from the list of Chamber members are made by the Presidium of the Rivne CCI with further notification of the UCCI.