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Program for submission of reports

Rivne Chamber of Commerce and Industry is an official dealer for the sale of the Sonata product in the Rivne region

Sonata is a convenient and reliable program for submitting electronic reports, to the State fiscal service, the Pension Fund and the State Statistics Service. The Sonata program allows you to create, sign and send reports, tax invoices, and view received receipts.

  • In one program, you can work with an unlimited number of entrepreneurs and businesses.
  • The program is easy to configure using the Create Profiles wizard based on your certificates.
  • Imports profiles from the reporting programs M.E.Doc, Art Report, IVC Reporting.
  • Imports of documents from the reporting programs M.E.Doc, Art Report, IVK Reporting.
  • Work with electronic keys of all certification centers (ASTSK DDD DFS, ACSK Key Systems Ltd, ACSK "Masterkey", ACCS "Ukraine", ACCS "Information Center" of the Ministry of Justice, ACPC "Privatbank").
  • Comprehensive reference books of inspection, funds, services, counteragents, employees, settlement operations registrars, KOATUU, CED, COPFG used for reporting purposes.
  • Registration of tax invoices and adjustments calculations in the Unified State Register without the purchase of additional modules.
  • Exchange tax invoices and adjustment calculations between counterparties operating in Sonata.
  • Exchange of tax invoices and adjustment calculations between counterparties operating in different reporting programs through the DFS server.
  • Calendar reporting and payment of tax obligations.
  • Convenient Master of Single Tax to create reports by entrepreneurs of all groups of single tax payers.
  • Automatic checking of reports before saving. Ability to check the correctness of filling the form manually, if there are errors they are displayed above the erroneous field.
  • Automatic calculation of report fields (for example, calculation of the result in tables, or calculation of the number of pages of the report for the Single Contribution).
  • Receipts are in one window with reports. Each report shows only his receipts. There are a special window to view receipts that do not belong to the report.