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Bar coding

The bar code is a combination of vertical bars and numbers (the size and location of which is governed by certain rules) representing a product in a coded form. The code allows you to quickly and accurately read information about the product using an electronic device - a scanner.

A number of current normative documents of Ukraine provides for obligatory marking of goods by bar codes. The list of such goods is given in the "Regulation on the dashed product coding" of the Ministry of Economy and European Integration of Ukraine No. 255 of 20.08.2002. In particular, alcoholic beverages and tobacco products, copies of audiovisual works and phonograms, medicinal products and other goods subject to labeling by bar codes are subject to obligatory marking by bar codes, as indicated by the applicable laws of Ukraine. Although the requirements of normative documents do not cover all products, the obligatory presence of bar code on the product predetermines the needs of modern wholesale and retail enterprises for the implementation of all accounting transactions in the supply and sale.

The GS1 Global Product Numbering System is an integrated system of global standards that provides accurate identification of goods, services and trading partners, as well as information communications about them.

GS1 coordinates the work of global commodity numbering and is responsible for the uniqueness of identification numbers (bar codes).

The Association of Product Numbering of Ukraine "JEES1 Ukraine" is a member of the International Organization GS1 and its official representative in Ukraine.

Rivne Chamber of Commerce and Industry is an authorized representative of the Association "Dzheesl Ukraine" with the right to carry out legal and actual actions on behalf of the Association on bar coding in the territory of Rivne region.

Rivne Chamber of Commerce and Industry provides the following services for bar coding:
  • Announces the appointment of the worldwide GS1 system, GS1 Ukraine Association, its goals and objectives, powers, structure, membership conditions.
  • Advises on bar code assignments and their implementation.
  • Prepare documentation kits for joining an associate member for the assignment of bar codes.
  • Edits this documentation and makes it into an electronic database.
  • Carries out all work on the signing of membership agreements in association "GS1 Ukraine" and on the assignment of bar codes.