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Information and analytical services constitute a significant percentage within the general notion of "information services", as the methods and means of "information analytics" are inherent to the process and the result of their creation.

Why do I need a price tag help?
Information on the price level will help you to orientate yourself in the market situation before entering into a contract or confirm the change in the price of goods or service in the long-term contract, for tender procedures and tendering. In conducting public procurement procedures or tenders, it is always necessary to take into account the real market value of the procurement item. Lack of this information can lead to the conclusion of an agreement on overpriced prices, or at deliberately low prices, which, in turn, will lead to fines during inspections by the controlling authorities. Based on our experience, we would like to advise you to stock up with a reference to the real level of prices that have emerged in the market at the time of announcement of tender purchases. This will protect you from unscrupulous participants and prevent the conclusion of a contract at a deliberately underestimated cost. Experts of the business information department, on your request, conduct market research and issue information leaflets on the level of prices for goods or services.

We provide the following pricing information:

  • certificates on the level of prices for goods in the Ukrainian market and in the Rivne region, on world commodity markets and markets of individual countries;
  • certificates on release prices of producers of goods and services;
  • reference prices for the main goods that are exported from Ukraine or imported into Ukraine;
  • price statistics, stock prices.

Why do I need a price tag help?

Price reference provides an opportunity to use public funds efficiently, to substantiate approvals or amendments to the annual procurement plan, and to have documentary evidence of the legality of their actions in the event of inspections.